I was raised in a family of resourceful and creative people, so I can’t really say that I am entirely self-taught. I began creating under the direction and influence of parents, grandparents and friends from as early as I can remember. I suppose it isn’t very original to say that art is in my blood, but it’s the truth nonetheless.  My art is not restrained by ambiguity; it represents for me the freedom to create for the sake of creating.  Most of my art tends toward the nostalgic:  an expression of my desire to remember the past so as not to be afraid of the future.

I choose objects with simple lines for my still life compositions, and I am inspired by uncluttered spaces in nature, which is reflected in my landscapes. There is a freeing peacefulness that I find in minimalism and simplicity, a principle that also guides my palette.

If you are interested in my work, contact me at and hang it up!