Did I paint with poop?

To begin chronicling my efforts to turn my art into a business of sorts, complete with business cards, catchy slogans and marketing strategies, I offer this glimpse into the degradation that results from selling one’s art to the mass market.

I am gearing up for my first solo exhibition with the guidance and generous help of my friends, Andrea and Shawna.  It was Andrea’s idea. She is a goal setter extraordinaire.  The initial goal was 10 paintings and 10 sculptural pieces by summer 2011. Well we were presented with an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up: Stanislaus County is hosting an Artists’ Open Studio tour in April. What better time to unveil my show? Now my goal is to get as much art done as I can by April.

I digress.

You were expecting to read something about poop paintings.

I have done my homework, or most of it anyway. I updated my website (www.sherriecork.com); I made my price list, my invitation list and began writing my artist’s biography. Today I began to design my business cards, and I thought this might be the time to employ the aforementioned catchy slogan. To remain consistent with my biography, which says “I’ve been painting since I was born” (albeit more eloquently and with numerous frivolous adjectives), I thought my business card could say “since 1974” (the year I was born). Is this stupid? I thought I should bounce it off my favorite sounding boards, my friend and goal setter, Andrea, and my better half, Gavin.

“You won’t hurt my feelings,”  I texted, “I just need to know if this sounds stupid…”

Gavin responds, “Were you painting on the walls with your poop (in 1974)?”

Good point.

He proceeds to offer serious ideas such as “pursing the arts since 1974” and “perfecting my craft since 1974,” after which I suggested “moving around paint since 1974,” which rightfully elicited his final suggestion: “slinging crap since 1974.”


And perhaps I should leave the catchy slogan creating to someone else.


One thought on “Did I paint with poop?

  1. Sherrie! Sherrie! Sherrie!
    You are an awesome writer!!! That was hilarious! (of course Gavin’s material helped, too). I cannot wait for your show!
    “Masterpiece in progress since 1974.”

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