Consistent with my resistance to following the ways of the sheeple, I attempted to relay my very simple, non-flashy, old-school design idea for my business cards to the digtal native behind the counter at the print shop:

“I know exactly what I want, and it’s really simple. Black letters on white paper.”

“Oh, that is simple.”

“And I want that old-school raised lettering.”

“Oh, do you mean thermography or embossing?”

(She shows me examples of both. Embossing is too expensive so I go with thermography.)

“Oh, and one more thing. I want a little paint brush with drips of paint off the tip that form the “s” in my name.”

“Our graphic artists charge $60 per hour and they can design that for you.”

“Can’t I just draw it for you? I know exactly how I want it to look.” (I quickly sketch a little paint brush on her note pad.)

“Do you have a design program on your computer?”

“Ditch the paintbrush idea.”

Done. Well … after I chose from 5 different shades of white and about 1,500 fonts.  I guess there is only one shade of black.


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